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Our Approach

is part of Rapid SafeGuard. Rapid SafeGuard is a Security consultant company.

Rapid SafeGuard

Our Story

In modern life, we have adopted the internet. People want remotely working machines or applications. In this modern life, Cybersecurity is the most significant part for companies and end user.

Rapid SafeGuard is Security testing and consultant company. We are providing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) and IoT security testing. VAPT involves the various testing tools like network and web security scanner and report.

Rapid SafeGuard offers the organization and enterprise with the evaluation of the comprehensive application. We provide a detail view of the vulnerability of website and network and How will you protect your system and data from the attacker.

Meet the Team

Founder of Rapid SafeGuard

Punit Darji

Founder & CEO

Punit Darji is the founder of Rapid SafeGuard. He is a Security Researcher, Information Security professional, developer, and a Whitehat hacker. He has got CVE-2019-7753 for D-Link router misconfiguration vulnerability and CVE-2018-16653 forD-Link firmware stored XSS vulnerability.

Founder of The easy hack

Sandeep Shah


Sandeep Shah is an experienced web developer for different frameworks such as Magento, WordPress and Core PHP. He has delivered 10+ website in various domain. He has excellent knowledge of graphic design. He works with Adobe family.