A large library database to assist in binary exploitation on Linux. This tool can help identify unknown libraries by providing the location of known symbols, it can help locate the name of packages that contain a given library and it can find the debugging version of a library you are working with.

Once the library is identified you can dump useful information such as symbols (both exported symbols and special useful calculated locations that are useful for exploitation), gadgets for ROP chains or one shot (AKA magic gadgets or one gadgets) and their constraints.

It supports many architectures including:

  • x86 (i386 / amd64)
  • arm (arm / arm64)
  • mips (mips / mips64)
  • ppc (ppc / ppc64)
  • sparc (sparc / sparc64)
  • sh4
  • hppa
  • m68k

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