Developer Robert Heaton discovered that Wacom graphics tablets monitor which applications users open and close on their computers. On a blog, he published the results of an investigation that lasted several months.

Heaton writes that the official driver for Wacom devices comes with a very vague privacy policy. If the user accepts these conditions, then using Google Analytics, the driver will begin to track all the applications that the user opens on his device. And this applies to both macOS and Windows.

According to the researcher, graphic tablets, in fact, are the same manipulator as a mouse, and they have no good reason for making any HTTP requests.
“I suspect that in fact, Wacom does not consider it acceptable to write down the name of each application that I open on my personal laptop. And I suspect that’s why their privacy policy doesn’t quite recognize that it’s exactly what they are doing, writes Heaton. “The next time you’re planning to buy a tablet, remember that Wacom is trying to track every application you open, and think about trying a different brand.”

Fortunately, agreeing to the terms of the suspicious privacy policy of the Wacom driver is not necessary (in case of failure, the driver will still be installed). Also, those users who have already given it before can withdraw their consent. To do this, start the Wacom Desktop Center and disable the Wacom Experience Program in the privacy settings.

Representatives of Wacom have not yet commented on the situation.

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