Very soon, on January 14, 2020, support for Windows 7 will be discontinued. Although the OS backtracked to Windows 10 last year and continues to gradually lose popularity, Windows 7 still accounts for about 30% of the market.

Since there are still a lot of users with Windows 7 and the prospect of switching to another OS does not appeal to everyone, they are already thinking about how to use extended support (Extended Security Updates, ESU) for free.

Let me remind you that extended support is a paid service of Microsoft, with the help of which the corporation will continue to deliver security updates to companies and enterprises using Windows 7, until 2023. The cost of such support is from 25 to 200 dollars per workstation, depending on the version of the OS (Enterprise or Pro), as well as the time during which the company needs updates. Moreover, only small and medium-sized businesses and companies with volume licensing agreements can use ESUs.

Last month, Microsoft already released test update KB4528069, which allows administrators to check whether their systems are ready to work with advanced support. And, as users have already found out , after installing the update, you need to provide the system with an ESU license key, which allows the use of advanced support. As a result, the My Digital Life community of forums has already found a way to circumvent Microsoft’s restrictions, which allows the installation of advanced updates on all systems. The tool successfully copes with installing a test ESU.

And although Microsoft is likely to change the way they check, users have been hacking and pirating Windows for decades, so we can assume that limiting the installation of ESU will not be an obstacle for them.

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