Tens of thousands of Android smartphones infected: Aggressive malware survives even the factory reset.A particularly aggressive malware causes many Android users headaches. Since she was discovered in March, she daily infects another 131 smartphones. The problem: It can not be removed from the phone. Android is repeatedly victim of new malware; This time she is especially aggressive.

‘xHelper’ makes it almost impossible for Android users to remove it. The malware known as xHelper was first discovered in March and five months later had already infected 32,000 smartphones.
The number has now grown to 45,000 in October. According to Symantec, 131 new mobile phones are infected every day, about 2,400 per month.

Android Malware: That’s what they do with the smartphones

The malware displays pop-up ads and notification spam. This brings revenue to the backers. You will also see prompts to install premium websites. Some of these apps also include the xHelper Trojan.
Once one of the infected applications is installed, xHelper will be installed as a separate download. Removing the original application is no longer possible.

Malware is not removable
In fact, Android users will never get rid of xHelper because it will also be reinstalled after a factory reset! This remains a mystery to both the software developers Symantec and Malwarebytes.

Source : zdnet

Both say that xHelper is not deposited in the Android operating system or system applications. And some victims found that even after removing xHelper and disabling the “Install apps from unknown sources” option, the malware reappears directly on the user’s smartphone.

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