InviZible Pro includes a well-known modules DNSCrypt, Tor , Purple I2P. They are used to achieve maximum security, privacy and comfortable use of the Internet. This application is designed for Android devices with Root access .

Just press a three buttons in InviZible Pro , and you turn from a simple user to an invisible one, which is very difficult to find, block, impose on you unnecessary products and services in the form of ubiquitous advertising.


  • Encrypts DNS requests
  • Protects against DNS spoofing
  • Blocks ads *
  • Protects against dangerous and phishing sites *
  • Can block “adult” sites *
  • Hides visited sites from your provider
  • Prevents some types of resource locks
  • Tor

  • Encrypts Internet traffic
  • Prevents sites locking
  • Can provide privacy and anonymity
  • Provides access to “onion” sites
  • Open source
  • Purple I2P

  • Encrypts Internet traffic
  • Provides access to the hidden anonymous network Invisible Internet and “i2p” sites
  • Download Invizible pro

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