Learn to bypass CloudFlare and find the server using the CloudFlair tool. Follow us on this hacking and security training.

Search the server and bypass CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a very popular cloud space, which many use for their websites for security and CDN. The company offers its famous services for free and free of charge, which is why many customers have many in Iran. They use this service to hide the ip server and hide its services as protectors, but the problem is that there is a way to become the mainstream. We will introduce a tool for this.

How to install

To get into the tools your Linux Terminal and type the following command to download the tool from GitHub session

Get the tool link from the bottom of the tutorial

git clone https://github.com/christophetd/CloudFlair.git

cd cloudflair

To install the tools prerequisites, enter the following command

pip install -r requirements.txt

You can run the tool with the following command

python cloudflair.py

To view the server’s main server, just give the site an attribute

python cloudflair.py site.com

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