For hackers and OSINT researchers, these tools can be used to defeat online tracking, log in to SSH devices, and search the internet for clues during an investigation. These are a list of my top ten favorite browser extensions for hackers.

1. Internet History : Have you ever wanted to see a website that’s no longer available or needed to view an earlier version of an existing webpage?
Install Go Back in Time: Go Back in Time

2. Device Spoofing : To load webpages, your browser will send information about the device this can also leak a lot of data about you and uniquely fingerprint your device. To get around this, we can use a user-agent switcher to pretend to be a different device.
User-Agent Switcher: Firefox Add-on | Chrome Extention

3. Privacy Badger : Browsers can leak a lot of personal data. tools out there for maintaining your privacy online.
Install Privacy Badger: Firefox Add-on | Chrome Extension

Ublock Origin: Another strong contender for maintaining privacy online.
Install Ublock Origin: Firefox Add-on

4. Site Profiling : If you’re curious about the technology running a website, it’s easy to see everything powering the site with the “BuiltWith Technology Profiler.”
BuiltWith Technology Profiler: Firefox | Chrome Extention

5 Exif Data : Photos contain a lot of information, and the metadata attached can reveal things like where the photo was taken and what type of camera and settings were used.
Install Exif Viewer: Firefox Add-on | Chrome extention

6. Video Downloading : Video downloaders are useful for preserving forensic evidence you find in the course of an investigation.
Install Flash Video Downloader: Firefox Add-on
Install One-Click Video Downloader: Chrome extention

7 Decoy Traffic : If you want to keep anyone monitoring your network traffic on their toes or make aggregated data about your web traffic less useful, you can use browser extensions like “Chaff” to generate fake network traffic. According to the rules you set, Chaff will go to random websites starting from seeds you define.
Install Chaff: Chrome extention

8 Secure Shells : If you need to log in to a local or remote SSH device, you don’t need a terminal to do it! Thanks to the “SSH Agent” extension.
Install SSHGate: Firefox Add-on
Install SSH Agent: Chrome extention

9 Nimbus : If you need to preserve or share a snapshot of a website, there are many useful tools for doing so. They include options to capture the entire page, a section, or even record a video of going through specific parts of the website.
Install Nimbus: Firefox Add-on | Chrome Extention

10 JSON Data Formatting : There are vast amounts of data available online, and much of this data is accessed through application programming interfaces, better known as APIs. Through API calls, you can do things like query the current location of any bus in most cities and access giant databases to query specific information.


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