WhatBreach is a tool to search for breached emails and their corresponding database. It takes either a single email or a list of emails and searches them leveraging haveibeenpwned.com‘s API, from there (if there are any breaches) it will search for the query link on Dehashed pertaining to the database, and output all breaches along with all pastes that this email is included in (if any). If you are trying to find the database, passing a certain flag will also attempt to download available freely public databases from databases.today. If the query is found within the publicly listed it will download the database for you and save it into the projects home folder which will be located under ~/.whatbreach_home/downloads. Whatbreach is also capable of leveraging hunter.io to gather a list of emails pertaining to the domain the email address specified is attached to.

How to install

git clone https://github.com/Ekultek/WhatBreach.git
cd Whatbreach
pip install -r requirement.txt
python Whatbreach.py


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