Have you ever thought of the security of the sites, how can we safely examine it with a simple look? In this tutorial, we will focus on these important points of the sites.

Check out site security

There are many unsafe and fraudulent sites in the world today that should be used with these accounts first to secure ourselves and make sure that the site is safe. We will have a clever look at the websites in this tutorial so that we take a general look at them and then trust them.

Secure HTTPS and HTTP sites

The first thing you can do to get your opinion on a website is to start with http or https. Sites that have SSL or the same HTTPS in their first directory can have higher security than HTTP sites. Because data transfers between the user and the server are completely encrypted, they are not readable if they are audible, and most large and trusted websites use SSL. To get a closer look at the SSL site, you can click on the lock icon next to the browser and see the name of the SSL provider and its certification.

Antiviruses and online scan sites

Some antiviruses do a short scan before running any website and prevent them from opening if they are inaccessible. Another way to do this is to check the site security by using online sites, such as web inspector, which displays the results by typing the address of the site. And there are also other sites that offer great services in relation to the types of web attacks like phishing that you can use from one of them.


Do not worry: Be sure to look at the site’s address exactly as it is and you can For security reasons, always enter fake information once before entering the information.

Check the validity and time of site activity

One of the ways to check the site’s credibility and security is the ALEXA site, which shows you the site, but you can not trust it 100%. To use it, you can view Alexa’s training. There are many sites that check the site’s validity, one of which is called urlvoid, which uses several websites for security checks, just enter the domain and enter the domain name, and then enter the green signs of the red ribbon is shown.


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