Nowadays, Business is deeply depending on technology. Hacking not only theft data, sale data on darkweb, and delete the entire data, it also causes damage to the business’ reputation, which can be very expensive — and in some cases impossible — to repair.

1 Enterprise files are unprotected.
From the study, more than 6 billion files, including those containing sensitive financial and health information, found that one in five were accessible to anyone. Worse still, among the companies surveyed, 40 percent had more than 1,000 files (including some containing sensitive information) accessible to anyone.

2 Email is the most common method for spreading malware
Attachable email file contains malware that effect the system or sometimes whole network. More than two-thirds of email spam seeks to deceive recipients into clicking a malicious URL. Slightly under one-third of email spam has malicious attachments that install malware on the target device when they are downloaded and/or opened.

3 open a phishing pages
Phishing emails are a favorite attack technique for hackers seeking to almost effortlessly extract sensitive information from a target organization. Worse still, who open a phishing email eventually click on the infected attachment or link.

4 By 2020, there’ll be 300 billion passwords in use worldwide
Nowadays, it feels like there’s a password for just about everything we use. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly not helping matters. The average person has a password for everything from their enterprise network to their social media account to their supermarket rewards website.

5 The price of personal data in the black market ranges between 20 cents and $15
Credit card information is on the higher end of the price spectrum while phone numbers don’t fetch as much. That may seem like a ridiculously low amount for such valuable information. That’s why organizations must go out of their way to keep their data secure. Once it’s in the wrong hands, criminals will sell it for a pittance — and sell it many times over.


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