Recently, White House declares National Emergency over Chinese tech, blocks Huawei from importing US components without federal approval. In other words, US companies can not do trading with Huawei without Government approval. A report from Reuters claims Google is ceasing most partnerships with Huawei, and future phones from the company won’t have access to the Play Store and other services.

Reuters claims Google has stopped providing Huawei with hardware and software products except those consider in Open source licences. In simple words, Huaweican use Android but can not use proprietary services including Play store, Gmail, Drive, and other Google services.

The exact details are still being discussed internally at Google. If it is true, then it would be dire straits for his mobile business. Google Play store access would be a major drawback to any Huawei phone buyers. Huawei already has clones of many services in China, including an app store, but most of those services are currently limited to China.


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