Recently, Wifi Finder mobile application goes down after security indecent. The application has leaked publicly 2 Million wifi passwords.

Researcher Sanyam Jain from GDI Foundation contacted TechCrunch to inform of the exposed data. Android app based in China had collected more than two million Wi-Fi passwords from users across the globe. According to Google Play store the application downloaded more than 1,00,000 users.

“Each record contained the Wi-Fi network name, its precise geolocation, its basic service set identifier (BSSID) and network password stored in plaintext.”

The Wifi-network database includes BSSID, geolocation, and password stored in plain text, apart from other details. The application has also been
collecting passwords to home networks in residential areas.

The application didn’t take permission from the network admin to conncet another user. Afterwords, allowed unauthorized access to the network. An attacker to gain access to the router exploit and can be performed malicious activity.


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