Recently, new ransomware discloses its name is Robbinhood. It is targeting entire network and encrypt all connected computers. Also, gain access to the whole network. For decryption, request a certain amount of bitcoins for decrypt the data for a single computer or entire network.

Your privacy is important for us, all of your records including IP address and Encryption keys will be wiped out after your payment,” it says.

People are unaware of Robbinhood attack. we do know that when files are encrypted they will be renamed to something similar to Encrypted_b0a6c73e3e434b63.enc_robbinhood.

Hidden Tear ransomware, called “Proyecto X” sample:
Extension: .robinhood

The Ransomware will also drop four different files in your PC. The name of these files are _Decrypt_Files.html, _Help_Help_Help.html, _Help_Important.html, and _Decryption_ReadMe.html .


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