People were unaware of internet security from 20 years ago, Now public aware of the internet treating, frauds and cyber attacks.

Industrial cyber security is not a new concept but people those not concern about the machine security they also aware of Industrial Cyber Security (ICS).


Nowadays, IT/OT that means IoT machines are widely used. Those industries using the IoT devices and unaware of Industrial cyber security then it may be suffer from the cyber attack. Therefor, Industrial Cyber Security comes in the picture.

When Industrial control system comes to the security part, The picture will be organized in our mind, The small computer is controlling our entire system including the physical system that means machine systems. A physical system such as water treatment plant, food, pharmaceutical manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries etc.

Unlikely, industrial equipment and facilities are isolated from rest of the world. They were not connected to the internet or even other systems, which made the threat of security incidents very unlikely. Furthermore, the computers used to run industrial processes generally operate for years without any updates or changes. In some cases, these devices can run for 20-30 years without requiring the typical care and feeding given to traditional computers.


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