Recently, a new vulnerability has been discovered from Google Chrome, which could endanger the security of millions of users.

Google recently announced that everyone should update their Chrome browser to the latest version. Because this popular browser has detected a critical vulnerability of 0DAY.

Which results in malicious access to the user’s system, which will be known for its vulnerability and exact functionality. At this time, hackers are using this vulnerability and upgrade your Chrome version as soon as possible.

Chrome vulnerability is the particular attack involves the FileReader API that allows websites to read local files, while the “Use-after-free” class of vulnerabilities — at worse — allows for execution of malicious code. The detected vulnerability is of the RCE bug type and allows the remote attacker to execute the attacker.

Note : Try all the apps and software that you use. Update to the latest version so that you have less security and software problems

The report is vulnerable

The security vulnerability discovered in Chrome is reported by the Clement Lecigne Group. Google has been fixing the vulnerability on the 2019-02-27 to prevent hacking users. Now we see that security is never 100% up to Google Inc. and we need to keep it as safe as possible.


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