MarioNet browser attack


New browser attack has been discovered by academics from Greece. MarioNet is a browser-based attack that can execute malicious code in your browser even after closing the tab.

MarioNet opens the door and make giant botnet from browser. Marionet botnet can be used for cryptojacking and DDoS Attack.

MarioNet is updated version of Puppetnets. Puppet-net is browser-based botnet that was created from 12 years ago in 2007.

MarioNet can survive after users close the browser tab or move away from the website hosting the malicious code. It is possible because of modern browsers support API.

Credit : Papadopoulos et al.

MarioNet won’t work in IE(Desktop), OperaMini(Mobile version), and Blackberry(Mobile). API has been introduced a few years back, the MarioNet attack also works in almost all desktop and mobile browsers.

Affected devices.


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