Top 10 SQLi tools 2018


SQLi stands for SQL injection. SQL injection often abbreviated SQLi and pronounced as SQLeye. It is a common web application vulnerability that is probably not unknown to you. It occurs when a user is able to add or inject their own SQL query into the application. This means an attacker could read the database or modify data in the database, even use it to get access to the administration operations on the database.

SQL Injection Tools – 2018

  1. SQLMap – Automatic SQL Injection And Database Takeover Tool
  2. jSQL Injection – Java Tool For Automatic SQL Database Injection
  3. BBQSQL – A Blind SQL-Injection Exploitation Tool
  4. NoSQLMap – Automated NoSQL Database Pwnage
  5. Whitewidow – SQL Vulnerability Scanner
  6. DSSS – Damn Small SQLi Scanner
  7. explo – Human And Machine Readable Web Vulnerability Testing Format
  8. Blind-Sql-Bitshifting – Blind SQL-Injection via Bitshifting
  9. Leviathan – Wide Range Mass Audit Toolkit
  10. Blisqy – Exploit Time-based blind-SQL-injection in HTTP-Headers (MySQL/MariaDB)


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