People searching on google, bing, and other search engine. People aware of Google Dork. In this post, there are some dorks and filters for GitHub repositories.

1 Actively Maintained Repositories

Most of the time developers don’t relay on projects that not update for 3 years. Actively projects give you more confidence. for an example,
you want to search those projects have updates in the last two weeks:

pushed:>2019-01-05 keyword

You may also search repositories created before or after a certain time using created rather than push.

2 Organization name Only

You may just want to search repositories by an organization name or a well-known user because they are more likely awesome, just include user in your search term like this:
user:username Keyword
org:org name Keyword

3 Apache License Please

If you want to search projects friendly licensed, for example, the well known Apache License 2, you would search like this:
license:apache-2.0 keyword of your search

4 Small Repositories

Dinosaur repositories are not what you want, you love those simple, small and smart repositories only, you can add this search term:
size:<=5000 keyword of your search

5 In Name, In Description, and In README

GitHub supports advanced search in a certain field, like repository title, description, and README.
in: name keyword of your search
in:description spring cloud
in:readme spring cloud

6. More Stars, More Forks

Stars of a repository would provide information on how popular it is, which is an important metrics in consideration, as a result, you can search like this:
stars:>=3000 Keyword of your project
You can also define the range of forks like this:
forks:10..20 keyword of your project

7 Java Only

language:java will filter repositories not written in Java, yeah! If you hate Java then replace it with the one you love, for example, the best programming language PHP.


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