In this ending year, “Already ended”. We would like to share the easyhack a website has found top 5 most popular hacking tools.

These tools are for professionals working in information security domain. Many of this tools are the same ones the hackers are using. To understand the holes in your system, you have to be able to see it in the same way that your potential adversaries can see it.

Topics of the tools focus on OSINTInformation GatheringAndroid Hacking ToolsAutomation ToolsPhishing, among others.

1. EagleEye – Stalk Your Friends. Find Their Instagram, FB And Twitter Profiles Using Image Recognition And Reverse Image Search

Download EgaleEye

2Hijacker v1.5 – All-in-One Wi-Fi Cracking Tools for Android

Download Hijacker

3. Trape – People tracker on the Internet (The evolution of phishing attacks) OSINT

Download Trape 

4. Th3Inspector – Tool for Information Gathering

Download Th3Inspector

5. Pure Blood v2.0 – A Penetration Testing Framework Created For Hackers / Pentester / Bug Hunter

Download Pure Blood




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