IOS 12 Crashing using small code


It’s 2018, and just a few lines of code can crash and restart any iPhone or iPad and can cause a Mac computer to freeze. This few line of code directly affected the kernel and force to restart the Apple products.

A weakness in Apple’s web rendering engine WebKit, which is used by all apps and web browsers running on the Apple’s operating system. Security.  Since the Webkit issue failed to properly load multiple elements such as “div” tags inside a backdrop filter property in CSS, Haddouche created a web page that uses up all of the device’s resources, causing shut down and restart of the device due to kernel panic.

All web browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari on iOS, as well as Safari and Mail in macOS, are vulnerable to this CSS-based web attack, because all of them use the WebKit rendering engine.

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Windows and Linux users are not affected by this vulnerability.


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