Tapzo is shutting down


Today I have received an email from the tapzo “Tapzo app is shutting down from 31 October 2018″.  Tapzo is an aggregator platform. The app allows the user to access or transact on serveral app through a single app without the need to install the other apps.

On 28th-Aug-2018, News of Times of India Tapzo all in one application was acquired by $40 million. Started in 2010, it has gone through multiple name changes from the time it began operations as Akosha and later rechristened itself as Help Chat.  as its largest investor, has raised about $23 million in risk capital and has been through multiple pivots, or what is commonly known as a change in business model. Right now, it has about 35 companies on its platform spread across cab-hailing, food delivery, mobile recharges and bus bookings among others, and users can come and book these services through the Tapzo app. The company claims to have a user base of over 5 million.

If anyone has Tapzo cash in his wallet it will be transferred in your bank account. You have to provide your bank details as requested in the application. Tapzo Gold  subscriber, They will be returned 100% refund of the amount paid by you to purchase the subscription.

Source: Times of India


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